March, 2017

In-depth study tours

WHEN:         March 2017 (10 – 14 days)

WHERE:       Israel & Palestine

DETAILS:     Join ICAHD to be a witness and receive in-depth understanding about the reality of life today in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel. You will learn about the political, economic and social scene, whilst exploring areas rich in history, outstanding beauty, and cross-cultural influences. Meet local people and benefit from expert analysis on the ever-changing reality on the ground and its place in the wider world.

We have tours for clinicians, specifically looking at mental health issues in the occupied territories, plus tours for first time visitors or those who have not seen the situation in Israel/Palestine in a long time, as well as the more indepth ‘Digging Deeper’ tours for those who have joined an ICAHD tour or rebuilding camp previously.

Please find a flyer here and contact us for further information and to book your place.

May, 2017

ICAHD UK Conference

WHEN:         13 May 2017

WHERE:       London

DETAILS:     How Do We Advance the Palestine Issue in the Age of Trump & May? 

ICAHD UK’s 2017 spring conference on Saturday, 13th May 2017 will address the fast-changing reality with US President Donald Trump’s blatant support of Israel, including the status of Israel’s settlements, his plan to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and his overall disregard of international law. More information

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July 16-29, 2017

ICAHD International Summer Building Camp

WHEN:         16-29 July 2017

WHERE:      Jordan Valley and the Naqab/Negev

DETAILS:   Internationals are invited to participate in the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions’ 13th camp to build in Palestinian communities.

Learn about Palestine/Israel and its issues through an extensive educational programme of field trips throughout the country and meetings with activists from both communities.

Strengthen your involvement in the global movement for peace in the Middle East by learning about the issues and how to advocate for justice.

This year ICAHD is offering a new programme reflecting two of the major issues underlying the Israeli/Palestinian conflict: occupation and the process of “judaisation,” transforming Palestine into the Land of Israel. Both of these eliminate any possibility of Palestinian self-determination. Contact for more information.

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