Israel plans forced displacement of Palestinians within days

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Despite international outrage following the Israeli Supreme Court’s decision in May 2022 to forcibly transfer Palestinians from their homes and lands in Masafer Yatta (the South Hebron Hills), Israeli authorities began a programme of displacement with a few homes and structures vital for living demolished every month within that locality. The more recent demolitions happened… Read more »

Watch Recording of ICAHD UK Webinar ‘An Update on Palestine/Israel with Jeff Halper – 11th January 2023

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As we enter 2023 with trepidation – especially in Palestine/Israel where the new Israeli government of Ben Gvir, Smotrich & Netanyahu (in that order) has just been sworn in, we know that the fate of the Palestinians has been handed over to the murderous settlers hell bent on settling all of Palestine and violently repressing… Read more »

The Zionist Cossacks Have Been Released on the Palestinians – Jeff Halper

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16 December 2022   Benjamin Netanyahu, due to return as Israel’s prime minister within the next few days, has one overriding concern: evading conviction and possible imprisonment in the three corruption cases for which he is currently being tried. After last month’s election in which the fascist settler party Religious Zionism won 15 seats –… Read more »

Study Tours resume in conjunction with ICAHD

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“What I’ve learned is that every angle of Palestinian life has been systematically disrupted by Israel”, so said Simon, one of the participants on the recent 11-day issue-based study tour to the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel. “It’s the calibrated cruelty,” interjected Jan, and the “systematic pernicious, relentless bullying,” voiced Richard. “I learned something new… Read more »